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Moving to Norway-Orlando International Moving

Moving to Norway

If you enjoy the outdoors, do not think twice about moving to Norway. You can enjoy fishing, camping, among other activities that are part of the lifestyle of Norway. In Norway, recycling is part of Norwegian life. This is a country where they care a lot about the environment and to keep cities clean.

Norway is a totally safe country, where people leave the doors of their houses open. In Norway you will not have any security problem. It is a country with beautiful landscapes that you will surely enjoy regardless of the weather.

Both education and the health system are of high quality. Residents do not have to pay for a medical appointment, and the quality of care is excellent. Expatriates will find it very easy to adapt to Norwegian culture, as they will find very open people who mostly speak English.

Moving to Norway with Orlando International Moving

Planning to move to Norway and do not know where to start? We understand your concern, and you have reached the right place. At Orlando International Moving we will help you eliminate your concerns related to your moving to Norway.

Our first advice is to be patient in the search for international moving companies and to ensure that they have experience in moving to Norway. Also compare the benefits offered by each of the moving companies.

At Orlando International Moving we have extensive experience in moving to Norway. We have moved many families to cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, among others. When you make your move with us, we assign you a personalized expert movers to Norway.

Among the benefits you will receive when you move with us to Norway, you will find:

  • Extensive experience in moving to Norway.
  • Main headquarters in the United States and Spain.
  • Extensive network of agents in Norway and around the world.
  • Personal assistant specialized in removals to Norway.
  • Accessible and competitive rates.
  • Complete packing service from or to Norway.
  • Information about the rules and restrictions of Norway.
  • Door to door service.
  • Customs offices.
  • Rental of short and long term storage in Norway.


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