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Moving to Barcelona-Orlando International Moving

Moving to Barcelona

Are you moving to Barcelona with family? In this section you will find fundamental and relevant information that will help you a lot when you are moving to Barcelona. Barcelona, is the second largest city in Spain, it is a city different from all the others because it offers a great culture, architecture, landscapes, beaches and wide gastronomy. A charming city where every day you will fall in love and will be glad you moved there. Barcelona is located close to the Mediterranean, making this city attractive for having the best beaches in Europe. Its architecture goes from the modern to the contemporary to the impressionism, so when in Barcelona go out and discover this beautiful city, that will delight you with its small streets and constructions.

One of the most attractive things you will like when you move to Barcelona is the weather, as it is a very pleasant one. Despite having four seasons, the summer lasts approximately 6 months since spring and autumn are shorter, and winter can be very cold, so do not hesitate to take your cold weather clothes with you when moving to Barcelona.

In the heart of the Barcelona City (Plaza Cataluña) you will find amazing and delicious restaurants, which will keep you, busy while living there. Another special part of Barcelona are also it’s museums and galleries such as the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Güell which are a must to visit, don’t miss out. Barcelona will fascinate you and you will never regret to have moved there.

Moving to Barcelona with Orlando International Moving

Surely you must have many questions if you want to move to Barcelona, but here at Orlando International Moving we will do our best to answer them and to assist you with your needs. It is completely normal to feel lost when moving to another city and more when is an international moving, and we understand the process is not easy and this is why we care about our clients and want to make your move to Barcelona stress free.

We are experts in removals in Barcelona. Our offices are located in the heart of the city, and this makes us specialist in the destination since we have been servicing clients here over a decade. Orlando International Moving is focused on providing a specialized customer service where we will assign you a moving specialist in Barcelona that will take you on hand throughout the process of your moving.

Some of the benefits when you move with us are:

  • Main offices in the United States and Europe.
  • Qualified agents around the world.
  • Coordinator specialized in removals to Barcelona.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Door to door services.
  • Information about entry requirements to Barcelona.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Complete furniture storage service.


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