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Cost of Living in Portugal

Cost of Living in Portugal-Orlando International MovingOne of the countries with the lowest cost of living in Europe is indisputably Portugal. In Portugal even the rent of houses is economic. On average, a couple moving to Portugal can live comfortably with $ 1,800 per month. In the capital, Lisbon, the budget can go up to $ 400 per month.

The biggest expense for any expatriate will always be the accommodation. When you move to Portugal you can see that the accommodation has a reasonable cost, whether you buy or rent a property. In small cities the rents are around $ 400 for apartments of 1-2 rooms, in Lisbon from $ 700, but in residences near tourist areas, they are around $ 1,000. If you want to buy property in Portugal, for example in Lisbon you can find small apartments for less than $ 150,000.

If you are planning an international moving from the United States to Portugal, it is important to note that in Europe the apartments are smaller than in the United States. For a person or a couple, an apartment of 600 square feet will be enough in Portugal, while for a small family, one of 1,100 square feet with 3 or 4 rooms would be adequate.

The cost of food in Portugal is generally low, even in Lisbon. You will be able to find traditional markets as well as supermarkets where with $ 250 per month (depending on the level of life you want) will be enough for your food. If you are a lover of good wine and olive oil, the good news is that in Portugal both wine and olive oil are produced, therefore they are very economical. You can get bottles of wine for up to $ 5.

If you are one of those who like to eat frequently in restaurants, the cost of an special lunch is $ 10 average. If you want to go out to dinner with your partner, with $ 30 you can dine with wine included.

Regarding public services, the average cost is $ 90. This includes electricity, heating, garbage collection and water. It is possible that in winter seasons or in very hot summers it will increase a bit.

There is no doubt that the cost of living in Portugal is quite low, but definitely the best thing of all is its friendly and helpful people, its leisurely lifestyle, its climate and its spectacular beaches.


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