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How to Move to Canada

How to move to Canada-International Moving to CanadaCanada is a country that receives large amounts of immigrants daily. Most of people who move to Canada do so for work, either they got a job that sponsored the stay or they were relocated from their job. The second reason why many people move to Canada is because this country offers lots of economic opportunities and free healthcare. There are a few ways in order to move to Canada, here are the most common ones:

Express entry – Skilled Workers

This is the option people chose the most when moving to Canada. People who opt for this form of immigration must have worked for the same company for at least 12 months continuously; also one must take a language test and show proof of education background. The government selects the qualified ones based on their age, experience in previous jobs, education and if they can speak French or English.


If you have a wealth of more than 10 million Canadian dollars and want to invest money, this would be the easiest way for you to move to Canada. The idea is that your business generates jobs and contributes to the country’s economy.

Sponsorship by family

Canadians and Canada permanent residents that live in Canada can help you get a sponsorship visa for you to move to Canada. Your family will have to prove that they can financially provide for you in order to meet the requirements for immigration.

Independent Contractor

If you work for yourself and have an income of more than $40,000 Canadian dollars per year, you can request a specific visa for independent workers and move to Canada. You have to show that you will continue to generate that specific amount or more while you live there.

International Moving is always going to be more challenging than domestic moving, that’s why if you research and prepare for you move in advance your move will be less complicated when moving to Canada.


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