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Cost of Living in New Zealand

Cost of Living in New Zealand-Orlando International MovingNow that you are planning an international moving and that you have chosen to move to New Zealand, here at Orlando International Moving we would like to share with you some insights of the cost of living in New Zealand, which could be very different that in your home country or similar depending of the country you are living now and the city in New Zealand that you will be living in.

Housing costs will vary according to the city you have chosen, but most people will move usually to Auckland or Wellington. Out of those ones, Auckland will be definitely the most expensive one, since is the biggest city in New Zealand. A flat could cost on average about $1500-$2000 per month and the utilities will fluctuate depending of which water/energy/gas provider you choose.

In regards groceries, New Zealand is very tech advance, since most of the Supermarkets offer online shopping and delivery to your home. You would just need to fill out a form online and the items will be shipped to your home. It’s recommended that you visit physically the supermarkets, since most of the offers they have in the store are not offered online. One of the most popular Supermarkets in New Zealand is Kiwi, due to its incredible bargains, so check it out once you land there.

As any other big city, in Auckland you will find recognized stores such as Zara, Nike, H&M and others. These stores are usually more expensive than in any other countries, but this is due to the cost of living in New Zealand.


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