5 Essential International moving tips

5 Essential International moving tips Orlando-International Moving

Moving abroad is not easy and it requires a lot of planning and researching. To make an effective move Orlando International Moving suggests 5 tips to keep in mind when moving abroad. Hiring a moving services company is a key factor for you to have a successful move and it will also save you time so you can work on your personal errands such as visas, paperwork, documents, currency exchange etc … Moving to another country could be a long and expensive process, because moving from one country to another has many requirements, therefore these tips will help you save time and money when making your move. Here are our 5 tips:

1. Explore your new city.

The first advice we give you at Orlando International Moving is to start by researching the country where you are going to move. The idea is that you start to get acquainted with the culture, so you will not have a shock when you get to your new hometown. We recommend you read a lot and ask for advice in forums or friends who have already gone to your next destination. It is very important to know in advance how is the day to day of people in that city, get acquainted with the language, customs, food, etc … If you already have the address where you will be living, we recommend that you locate the bank, the church, the closest supermarket around you, so that you have a clear idea of the surroundings of your new home.

2. Look for a qualified moving company.

This advice is essential because the company that will handle your move, will be your best ally the weeks before and after your move. It is very important to make a good choice of a long distance moving company, because they will take care of your goods for the next few months. Hiring a company with good reputation will give you the peace, that most likely thing are going to go well and you’ll get good results. Make sure that the company has several years in the market, that it has a very good website, good Facebook reviews and that it is a member of a moving association.

3. Home appliances and computers.

Make a list of all the appliances you want to take with you and keep in mind that if you move to another continent/country it may not have the same voltage as in your original country. The voltage could be higher or lower and if you find out after your move, you would have to buy a transformer that will be expensive and your electricity bill could be very high. If you have had your appliances already for a long time we recommend that you sell or donate them and that you buy new ones in your new country. This way it will save you space and money at the time of your move. If you carry computers with you, be sure to back them up and to have a connector that works because you do not want to burn your computer with a different voltage.

4. Documents and important papers.

Before you start packing your move, be sure to check and keep with you all the important documents you’ll need to have on hand when the moving process begins. The most important documents would be: passports, marriage certificate, birth or adoption certificates, vaccination history, moving contracts, new work contract, etc. You need to have on hand the documents of all family members moving with you. Besides from taking all this at hand, it is crucial to have all documents stored in an USB Drive or Cloud, in case you lose any them you’ll be able to recover them without any problems.

5. Automobiles, Motorcycles and Bicycles.

When deciding if you are going to take with you any your car, motorcycle or bicycle, keep in mind that the cost of your move will be higher and you will have to have a very spacious container. Depending on the country where your new residence will be, you can make the decision, since it could be possible that you need new tires or winter/summer tires, and the costs of your move will surely rise. Taking a motorcycle is a little easier to transport but also a bit expensive, and please do not forget to bring your helmet. Bicycles would be easy to take with you, just need to disassemble and pack in a box. What we suggest is when disassembling it, make sure you know how you did it so when you put it together it’s easy to do.

An international move is not easy, but if you organize and plan ahead for everything to go well, you will not have to worry about setbacks. If you have any questions about the 5 tips that Orlando International Moving recommends, do not hesitate to contact us. We also invite you to read our other blogs on our website where we offer tips for successful removals.

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