7 Tips to Get Ready for Your Coming Move

7 Tips to Get Ready for Your Upcoming Move - Orlando International Moving

Moving can be very exciting but at the same time requires very demanding and exhausting tasks. The best way to make a successful move is to create a plan according to the type of move you are going to make, be it a local, long distance or international moving. The planning of your move will help you foresee any problems that may arise at the time of executing the move. Below we share 7 tips that Orlando International Moving considers relevant for your upcoming move:

1. Start early and do not leave everything for the last minute.

No matter how good you think you are organizing your local moving, long distance moving or international moving, packing will always take more time than you think, so plan ahead of time when moving. We recommend that you start preparing two or three weeks before moving day. It is very important to always pack those items that you use the least and, little by little, you will only be left with the articles of daily use. An example would be to start with books you have already read and crockery that you only use on special occasions.

2. Eliminate old things that you no longer use.

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of those things that we’ve had for years and that in one way or another are valuable to us, but at some point, we must let them go as these will make much more volume when we move. The idea is to take in a move everything that we are going to use in our new home and not objects that are no longer relevant in our lives.

3. Take measurements and check spaces in your new home.

Suddenly you move and you realize that the spaces in your new home are smaller than what you had before, and now your furniture doesn’t fit. Be sure to measure and take dimensions of each room in your new home and also measure your furniture to get a better idea of what fits and what does not. If you are prepared it will be much easier to arrange your move and your furniture in your new home. Don’t wait until you have to buy a new bed or dresser.

4. Sell items that will not be taken to your new home.

We recommend that you take full advantage of those items that you will not take with you to your new home and put them on sale. This way you can make extra money either for new furniture or to cover moving expenses. It is key that you put these articles a few weeks in advance, so you do not sell them soon or very late. Plan the dates accordingly, since you will not want to be without your bed or sofa too soon.

5. Arrange a garage sale.

Since we just recommended that you sell unneeded items, now we recommend that you make a garage sale in your house, since it costs nothing and is very convenient. You set the time and date in which you want to do it. People can come and look at what you are selling and if they buy any items they can take them away immediately.  This way of selling things is very practical since you can sell those items that are not of much value but that you can still get some money out of them.

6. Donate, donate, donate.

After putting your items for sale either in an online page, or a garage sale, what we recommend is that those items that you couldn’t sell, to donate. If you do not want them, do not need them, or believe you can not sell them, then give them to a charity where they could make use of them or give them to people in need. There are many people who could benefit themselves from your “old items" or from those elements that will no longer have a space in your new home. In addition to this, you would save yourself from carrying things around that you no longer want, use or need.

7. Clean up your refrigerator and pantry slowly.

In the weeks leading up to your move, start using those foods that you do not use as regularly, so when you move them you will not have boxes of flour, pasta, rice, frozen foods, etc. open and thus will not cause them to be watered or melted in the move. It is about using as much food as possible that is in your pantry/refrigerator and not throwing it away. Taking cans and food packages will only make your boxes heavier and harder to transport. Carry only what is necessary and rather prepare a little extra money to go grocery shopping for the new home.

Moving is not easy and requires many steps and planning, so it doesn’t become stressful or traumatizing. Planning in advance will get rid of many headaches and unforeseen events. If you do not have the time and experience to successfully achieve your move, it is best for you to hire a moving company to provide the service.

In addition to these 7 tips, which other do you consider that could be very useful to be prepared our upcoming move?

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