9 Tips For Finding The Best Movers

9 Tips For Finding The Best Movers-Orlando International Moving

Making a move is quite stressful and exhausting, even if you are a very organized person. The moving day always ends up stressing you so that all things arrive at your destination in the same conditions, and finally you always find some broken things. Hiring the best movers makes your move easier. Now, choosing inexperienced moving companies can be even more stressful than doing the job yourself.

Each year, the Better Business Bureau receives thousands of complaints about movers in the United States. The majority are due to alleged losses or material damage, but there are also many for breach of schedule or to charge more than estimated.

Finding a reliable moving company requires a good research, otherwise you will have more headaches or you will end up paying more than expected. Below you will find 11 tips that will help you find the best movers:

1. Planning.

A move isn’t an activity that is done frequently, therefore, it is not good to improvise at the last minute. It is important to think ahead of time what you will need and based on that, choose the moving company that you consider most appropriate. It is recommended a longer planning time if it is a long distance moving or an international moving.

2.Budget estimation.

It is important to estimate the budget through different moving companies. When a company estimates your budget, you can identify whether or not they are experienced movers and packers.
The budget should be based on criteria such as the quantity and volume of your belongings, the distance between the origin and destination, the date, access to the home, whether you have an elevator or not (if it is a building), among others. Another fundamental criteria is the type of packaging and professionals required, since when it comes to specialized moving (piano, arts and antiques, electronic devices, etc.), it requires the best materials to pack and professional movers and packers in these types of articles.

3. Evaluation.

Many people only look at the price when evaluating which is the best moving company, and they are wrong. For example, if they require moving services in Orlando, Florida, they only compare to know which companies have the cheapest prices. Although the price is a very important factor when making the decision, it is important that other factors such as the quality of service, the degree of commitment and experience of the movers and packers are also evaluated. Choose a moving company that delivers what it promises.

4. Avoid signing a blank moving contract.

Never sign a blank contract. Be sure to review the contract in detail and that all your belongings are included in the list. Request everything in writing, estimate the move, additional fees, collection and delivery dates. If there is something that is not included in the contract, you can not claim it later.

5. Moving insurance.

Ask for all the related information about the insurance coverage that will be provided by the moving company.

6. Service time.

Ask what is the exact time it will take to make the move, as well as the number of trips that have to be made in case of a local moving. Ask if you have any questions you may have about the service times.

7. Additional services.

In addition to the moving service, some companies also offer other services such as assembly, disassembly, packing, or if you want a full moving service, some companies also offer it. Many times it is more profitable to hire these services to avoid stress and damage of your belongings.

8. Do you have reviews online?

Be sure to check if the company has reviews online and read the opinions of its customers. In this way you will be able to know the experience of other clients and evaluate if a good option to make your move.

9. Now you can select the best movers.

Once you have taken into account the previous tips, you will be able to compare the different options and choose the company that you consider relevant.

A move requires your commitment, but it also depends on your budget and time availability. If you consider that the best option for you is to hire a moving company that handles the entire process, these 9 tips will be very useful.

If you think we have omitted some important tip, please, share it with us so that it is also useful for other people who are planning to move.

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